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VCMM Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Seminar

01. Topic of Seminar

Vast Capital Mortgage Management (VCMM), together with Smart Wealth Advisors (SWA), held a Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Loan Product seminar last Wednesday night (02 June 2021) at Hilton Hotel, Sydney.

During the seminar, VCMM director Jeffery Lee and SWA partner Tony He introduced the details and features of SMSF product as well as application process and document requirements.

Topics of seminar included:

  • SMSF product briefing

  • SMSF product niches and features

  • SMSF application process

Jeffery Lee was introducing the features of VCMM SMSF Loan Product.

The seminar presented attendees with the latest and comprehensive information on VCMM SMSF product, with a variety of issues concerning SMSF applicants shared to the audience. The attendees also had the opportunities to raise and discuss their questions.

Attendees were listening carefully to the briefing of SMSF product.

02. Introduction of SMSF Loan Product

Now let us look into the features of SMSF product.

03 Video of the night

Full video of the seminar available on YouTube (click the link below to watch).

Should you require any further information, please call VCMM directly via 1300 776 276 (Australia)/ +61 2 8821 7388 (overseas).

For any loan enquiries or scenarios, email the details to or contact your VCMM BDM directly.

For general enquiries, please contact

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