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VCMM proudly takes its place as a gold sponsor in the 2023 11th APFIA Summit

On November 16, 2023, the 11th Asia Pacific Financial Investment Association (APFIA) Summit opened grandly at the W Hotel in Sydney. This forum brought together leaders from the Australian political and economic sectors, as well as prominent figures from the business and academic communities. They represented diverse fields, including mining, investment banking, and loan finance.

On this esteemed platform, a multitude of distinguished luminaries from the financial realm convene to delve into collaborative prospects and strategies for growth considering the evolving global landscape. Through enthralling presentations and profound discussions on various themes, they dissect the opportunities and intricacies posed by globalization, collaboratively paving the way for the future of the financial sphere. Collectively, they infuse the industry's advancement with renewed vigor and illuminating perspectives.

The 11th APFIA Summit Venue

On that special day, this gathering drew in close to 2,000 enthusiastic participants who converged with an insatiable appetite for professional knowledge and a profound ardor for advancing their respective industries. Together, they assembled to bear witness to this magnificent occasion, viewing it not merely as a banquet of wisdom-sharing but also as an exceptional arena where industry experts engaged in the lively exchange of ideas, sought out collaborative prospects, and ignited the flames of innovative inspiration. This event bestowed upon all its attendees a precious and uncommon chance for learning, networking, and personal and professional growth.

Vast Capital Mortgage Management (VCMM), proudly serving as the gold sponsor of this summit, takes great pride in its presence at this prestigious event. Within the dynamic and demanding landscape of the Australian financial market, we have not only introduced and championed our innovative concepts but have also enthusiastically collaborated with industry peers to collectively chart new horizons for partnership and growth.

Mr. Jeff Lee, VCMM Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Peter Lee, VCMM Chief Credit Officer (Right)

Mrs. Cindy Wang, VCMM Credit Manager

Distinguished VCMM Leaders and Esteemed VIP Guests Gracing this Summit

VCMM has been awarded the

"Annual Most Active Financial Institution Award"

This year's summit, in keeping with tradition, promises an impressive lineup of accolades. After careful evaluation of the outstanding accomplishments achieved by both financial institutions and individuals throughout the year, we will be bestowing a series of prestigious awards. These accolades include the Annual Most Active Financial Institution Award, the Annual Best Financial Media Institution Award, the Annual Best Financial Service Institution Award, the Annual Best Financial Risk Control Award, and the Asia Pacific Financial Investment Association Annual Investor Award. These accolades are designed to honor and celebrate the unwavering dedication of individuals who, despite the formidable challenges posed by the pandemic, have demonstrated exceptional resilience, unwavering commitment, and have made substantial contributions to fostering stability and propelling growth within the industry.

Mr. Jeff Lee, Founder & Managing Director, came on stage to receive the award

VCMM has showcased its profound strength and leading position in the mortgage finance sector through its keen insights into market dynamics, precise understanding of customer needs, and relentless efforts in financial product and service innovation. These factors have collectively contributed to its outstanding reputation and leadership status in the industry.

VCMM's exceptional and comprehensive capabilities have earned it the "Annual Most Active Financial Institution Award," a recognition that not only acknowledges VCMM's outstanding achievements in the mortgage finance sector but also signifies significant appreciation for our active contributions and continuous innovations within the industry.

Mr. Jeff Lee, VCMM's Managing Director and Founder (positioned second from the left), captured in a group photograph alongside representatives from other distinguished award-winning organizations.

We are unwavering in our commitment to diligently cultivate and excel in the Australian mortgage finance market. Our dedication lies in continuously providing our esteemed clients with more reliable and flexible loan solutions and an unparalleled service experience. Our goal is to contribute to the prosperity and growth of the Australian financial sector. Through our professional services and innovative concepts, we aim to propel the entire industry towards a brighter future.

VCMM Invited to Three Panel Discussions

Industry elites converge to discuss the grand blueprint for the future and envision a new chapter in the industry's development. This summit has invited several seasoned financial experts who engage in discussions on various hot topics, including but not limited to "Opportunities and Challenges of ESG in Financial Investment in the Post-Pandemic Era," "The Application and Development of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services," and "The Development of Bonds Under Australian Financial Regulation." Additionally, there will be Q&A sessions addressing the current investment market, covering topics such as capital appreciation strategies in a prolonged high-inflation environment and the evolution of traditional investments. These discussions aim to enlighten attendees on future planning and foster precise connections among multiple parties, striving for collaborative success and contributing to the association's growth.

VCMM, upon the gracious invitation of the organizers, is honored to participate in three in-depth panel discussions. In these discussions, VCMM provides a unique perspective on the macro and microeconomic situation within the mortgage finance industry. Through these interactions, VCMM demonstrates its professional depth in the mortgage finance sector and its keen insights into the global economic landscape, offering valuable and forward-thinking insights for navigating future economic trends and market conditions.

Panel Discussion 1

Interest Rate Raises – The Effect on Businesses

Mr. Jeff Lee, Founder & Managing Director (leftmost), attending the first panel discussion


Today, we're going to discuss interest rate increases, a topic of great importance to all of us. Whether we are homeowners or investors, interest rates have an impact on us in various ways. However, some of us may recognize the potential benefits of interest rate rises from a business perspective, and we'll explore these possibilities today.

I'll work my way through a few questions, considering that each of us comes from a different industry, which will provide diverse ideas and insights related to businesses affected by interest rates.

Increasing interest rates can diminish the competitive advantage of businesses. What strategies have you implemented to mitigate this effect, and how have you adapted your business model to enhance profit margins?"


The increase in interest rates presents a dual set of challenges and possibilities for enterprises. As we strive to enhance our profit margins, we have been proactively investigating and executing inventive tactics. Although the precise consequences of rising interest rates on our activities are still unclear, they have unquestionably left their mark on various aspects of our business operations, including a decline in transaction volume compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, I am confident that there is widespread anticipation for an interest rate reduction next year. Consequently, with great optimism, I anticipate that the market will reinvigorate itself in the coming year, ushering in a fresh era of vitality.


You may have noticed that U.S. inflation ticked up slightly this week, primarily due to softer oil prices in recent weeks. However, when examining data from last week, it appears that the oil market will tighten as we move into the next year. Therefore, it's clear that inflation, Jenny, is still a relevant concern. Nevertheless, we should keep an eye on the transition towards the growth narrative that will shape the yield curve moving forward.

This is an intriguing perspective. I believe that in the business world, regardless of external economic conditions, one must persevere and seek alternative strategies to address the direct or indirect impacts on one's business. Building on that point, one significant issue we are currently observing is that even though the unemployment rate isn't as high as it has been in the past, employees are considering leaving due to factors such as inflation and high interest rates. Consequently, business owners are now facing the challenge of employees seeking salary increases. As the fiscal year comes to an end, the customary discussions between partners and staff regarding performance and wage adjustments are taking place. One pressing question is how businesses are managing the situation when employees decide to leave, which can often be more challenging and costly than granting pay raises. Moreover, staff members who request salary hikes are impacting businesses already grappling with significant cost increases.


In large corporations, a multitude of employee motivation programs are in operation. At Vast Capital, we go beyond merely providing an array of varied and appealing employee incentive schemes; we also meticulously design well-defined and forward-looking career advancement paths for our workforce. Our aim at Vast Capital extends beyond surface-level employee perks; our ultimate objective is to ensure that every team member profoundly recognizes that their role here transcends a mere occupation and is, in fact, an integral facet of their life journey. Within the realm of Vast Capital, employees have the opportunity to attain not only professional accomplishments but also personal growth and progression. We actively encourage our staff to be active participants in witnessing and contributing to the ongoing prosperity and growth of our organization.


I've heard concerns about rising interest rates and their impact on inflation, as well as the rising costs of fuel. Specifically, the labor component, particularly within the services sector, is a cause for concern.

What I've observed, and I believe many others have noticed as well, is that job satisfaction often depends on factors such as love and kindness rather than solely on monetary compensation. This human element is crucial, and it's not solely about money.

Now, regarding interest rates, we've encountered both pessimistic and optimistic views. Some argue that higher interest rates can benefit the wealthy, as others become more cautious about their investments. As Warren Buffett once said, 'Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.'

In recent years, we've seen a significant property market boom due to low-interest rates, leading some to borrow more than they perhaps should have. Now, we're witnessing the consequences as people struggle to manage their investments. The question is, how have rising interest rates personally affected you or your business? Have they created opportunities for growth?


In the context of increasing interest rates, we are actively monitoring regions and nations facing deflation, but we are also taking proactive steps to address this situation. We're doing so by creating an inventive loan program that offers investment prospects to individuals in regions susceptible to inflation amid the backdrop of rising interest rates. Our complete dedication is directed towards advancing this loan program. This novel loan scheme is fundamentally distinct from the current loan products available in the market, as it opens an entirely fresh financial avenue.

Our market strategy is not static; it encompasses a visionary ambition to thoroughly transform and enhance traditional and outdated lending policies and methods through the formidable influence of financial technology. As a result, our carefully crafted innovative loan program incorporates various state-of-the-art fintech components, and we are eagerly looking forward to its introduction to the market within the next two years. Undoubtedly, the environment marked by increasing interest rates and market inflation is not merely a challenge but also a significant opportunity.

Panel Discussion 2

Navigating Investments in an Inflation and High-Interest Rate Era: Innovations in Financial Technology and Global Strategies

Mr. Danar Hadi, VCMM Chief Financial Officer (rightmost), attends the second panel discussion


The topic of today's discussion is the inflation environment and how it has fundamentally changed investment dynamics. Just a year or two ago, interest rates were virtually nonexistent, and inflation was negligible. This meant that whatever you earned as a return represented your real rate of return. However, we are now in a significantly different environment with a notably high inflation rate. As a result, the demand for returns has intensified, and many investors are becoming increasingly mindful of inflation's impact. This has affected various industries in significant ways.


Danar Hadi:


My name is Dan, and I serve as the external CFO for Vast Capital. What we're witnessing, particularly with the high-interest rates, is that many businesses are facing challenges in securing funding from banks and non-lenders. As a result, they are experiencing some contraction, which, in turn, affects their working capital. It becomes quite challenging for them to secure the necessary funds or make repayments.


On the flip side, there are opportunities for larger businesses in the market to acquire these struggling small businesses. From an investor's perspective in Australia, this presents an opportunity to consider businesses that have the potential for growth, even though they may be struggling now due to cash flow issues.


I want to highlight a recent case in Australia where a client was acquired by a larger player from the US because they couldn't secure an investor locally. I believe that, as Australians, we should support our small businesses, especially those with strong growth potential, a solid foundation, and a promising future. While they may be facing challenges right now due to high-interest rates and inflation, they have the potential to thrive in the long run.




That's all very insightful. So, as an investor, if I have $1,000,000 and I invest it at 5%, we essentially break even because inflation is also at 5%. Therefore, what should my expectations be regarding a return on my investment at this moment, and what are some of the most common mistakes people make when attempting to invest?


Danar Hadi:


Just building on that recent reward portion of it. Obviously, it really does depend on personal risk appetite for investors. Some investors would be happier with lower returns and lower risk because they're more conservative. I think Australians, in general, are very conservative when it comes to investments. If I look at the shares and derivatives market in Australia compared to the US, it's much shallower. So when there's inflation and credit cards like this, we always tend to go back to safe options like banks and mining. However, some investors are willing to invest in riskier portfolios to achieve higher returns. But again, it really depends on the risk appetite of investors.




And what's the biggest mistake you've seen investors make, or maybe what are some allocation mistakes you've seen? Look, there are a lot of exciting investment opportunities out there, but what should people definitely not do or what should they be conscious of avoiding?


Danar Hadi:

My take on this is not to believe the hype too much. A few years ago, I remember Dodge Coin was a big thing when Elon Musk was on Twitter every single day, and it skyrocketed and then crashed down again. So my advice to clients who want to invest, especially in riskier assets, would be to speak with your advisors.




What's your favorite riskier asset class? Would it be unlisted equities? Venture capital? What's your favorite high-growth area?


Danar Hadi:


I would say businesses in Australia like innovation and business in Australia. There are a lot of unlisted companies now that I know of that are trying to get the IPO started but are not ready yet because their financials don't look good enough. So, some of my contacts, because we have a network with mortgage brokers and stockbrokers as well, sometimes offer us shares, but again, it's very risky. So, we don't really offer that to a lot of clients in general. Personally, I'm not a very risky person, so I would probably go back to conservative options. But yeah, speak with your trusted advisors because it really depends on your risk appetite too. I can't advise others specifically right now, as I don't want to provide advice that might lead to unforeseen consequences.



Panel Discussion 3

Collaborative Perspectives on Fintech and Wealth Management Roles and Innovations

Dr. Nigel Finch, VCMM Comprehensive strategy Advisor (second from the left),

attends the third panel discussion



We've been discussing this outside the room. We've talked about innovation and various small organizations and fintechs entering various sectors and challenging the norm in terms of how we conduct business today, and how businesses should operate in the future.


We discussed regulation and some of the future challenges, both short-term and long-term. Could you please elaborate a bit more on that for the audience? I was going to discuss the challenges that small organizations or fintech companies face when entering a sector or attempting to change the way the sector operates in the future.



Dr. Nigel Finch:


Before I begin with that, I want to thank everyone who has made it almost to the end. It has been a very rewarding day. However, that's also an analogy for some fintech companies. The idea of developing a strategy in fintech is there, and all of us may have an interest in it.


One of the issues in fintech is that it's a highly regulated industry, and business regulations create an enormous challenge for many businesses, especially those entering fintech. The horizon of their strategy is very short. They come in with a mission.


Their mission might be to create a digital wallet solution, for example. They brainstorm, raise funding, and work on a digital wallet solution. But who knows what the end customer will be? Who knows whether it will be a global or local market? Who knows if it will be a digital wallet for cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, cash, or even a coupon that hasn't been developed yet?


The problem arises when business regulations catch up. Suddenly, what was once a digital wallet solution becomes a custodian. Business regulations dictate that they are now custodians, and suddenly they are out of business. They lack the capacity to meet the balance sheet requirements, expertise, and compliance culture.


This scenario is common with businesses in development. They start thinking they are information providers, not leaders. Then they realize they need an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), which they were not prepared for and never included in their strategy plan.


So, I believe that one of the significant challenges for many fintech companies is their short-term focus in terms of strategy. They need to think about tomorrow. Whether it's a digital wallet solution or something else today, they should be considering how it will evolve in the future. I believe that the changing landscape of business regulations is the biggest challenge.


Exploring Cross-Border New Opportunities,

Uncovering New Directions for Financial Development


The Asia-Pacific area stands out as a highly active global economy and simultaneously boasts one of the world's most advanced financial markets. The economic progress in this region is intricately linked to the health and growth of its financial markets, as these nations depend on these markets' support and growth for their economic prosperity.

The 11th Asia Pacific Financial Investment Association (APFIA) Summit is of great significance as a notable event within the global financial landscape, contributing to the economic advancement of the Asia Pacific region. This summit, organized by the Asia Pacific Association, serves as a forum where financial institutions hailing from diverse countries and regions can come together to engage in dialogues, share ideas, and foster collaboration, ultimately enhancing cooperation and communication among various stakeholders in the financial industry. Participants in the summit will have the opportunity to gain valuable, in-depth, and distinctive perspectives through top-tier keynote addresses and focused thematic discussions.

Distinguished entrepreneurs and leaders fromvarious sectors are participating in the summit


VCMM, a prominent player in the mortgage management sector, has firmly entrenched itself in the Australian mortgage and financial industry for over a decade. With a wide range of loan products, competitive interest rates and fees, personalized end-to-end services, and flexible loan policies, VCMM offers innovative, reliable, and versatile mortgage solutions to borrowers of all backgrounds. These attributes have earned VCMM a favorable reputation in the market, garnered recognition from consumers, and received widespread acclaim in the industry.


The primary aim of this summit is to provide valuable experiences and insights to advance the global financial sector and establish a sustainable global economic framework. Its mission is to encourage international cooperation and enhance the prosperity of the Australian financial industry—objectives that seamlessly align with VCMM's overarching vision. Vast Capital Mortgage Management (VCMM) aspires to make a meaningful contribution to the summit and the broader Chinese community. Our scope extends beyond the mortgage finance sector, as we are enthusiastic about introducing and promoting our philosophy among fellow professionals, exploring new avenues for collaboration, and collectively shaping a brighter future for the financial sector.


Looking forward, VCMM will maintain its steadfast progress in the mortgage finance arena, consistently offering dependable and adaptable loan products to our clientele. Our commitment to delivering secure and trustworthy mortgage loan services remains unwavering. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with both our existing and new clients to help craft a more promising future together.


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