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Spotlight on 2023's VCMM Highlights and Festive Christmas Celebration!

As 2023 nears its end, with over half of December behind us, VCMM persists in upholding its top-tier status in the Australian mortgage management sector. This success is credited to a diverse array of loan products, competitive rates and fees, personalized and comprehensive services, as well as flexible loan policies.


With the new year on the horizon, there is great anticipation that the market will rebound, and VCMM's loan activities will reach new heights.



VCMM‘s Major Events in 2023


  • 16 November 2023 - VCMM participated as a gold sponsor at the 11th Asia Pacific Financial Investment Association (APFIA) Summit and received the "Annual Most Active Financial Institution Award."


  •  13 November 2023 - Vast Capital attended the China (Zhejiang) - Australia (Victoria) Trade and Investment Symposium, achieving a notable milestone by infusing CNY 1 billion capital into Zhejiang's unicorn company, OSWELL. The signing ceremony celebrated a resounding success, underscoring Vast Capital's diversified expansion in the financial sector.

  • 13 October 2023 - VCMM was invited and nominated for the finals of the 24th Business Excellence Award presented by the Hong Kong-Australia Business Association New South Wales Chapter (HKABA NSW Chapter) in 2023.



  • 6 August 2023 - VCMM served as the exclusive title sponsor for the 2023 Miss Australian Chinese Pageant Sydney Regional Finals.


  • 27 July 2023 - VCMM proudly participated in the MFAA 2023 Excellence Awards ceremony, securing a place in the national finals for the prestigious MFAA 2023 Mortgage Manager Award.



  • July 2023 - The Sydney contestants of Miss Australia Chinese 2023 dazzled at VCMM’s headquarters.


  • June 2023 - As the exclusive title sponsor, VCMM attended the 2023 Miss Australia Chinese 2023 Sydney Region Press Conference.

  • May 2023 - VCMM exclusively title sponsored the 2023 Stars Academy Australian Auditions Sydney region.

  • 27-28 May 2023 - VCMM once again showcased its strong presence as a major sponsor at the 29 th Australian Property Expo - Sydney

  • 24-25 May 2023 - VCMM, a senior member of the MFAA for over a decade, participated in the “MFAA Future Matters Conference 2023”.


  • 25-26 March 2023 - VCMM, as a major sponsor, participated in the 28th Australian Property Expo – Melbourne.




  • 28 February 2023 - As a 10+ years’ fellow member of MFAA, one of the sponsors of the events and the only Asian background attendee, VCMM was invited to participate in MFAA "Looking ahead 2023" in Brisbane stop.




  • 14-16 February 2023 - As a 10+ years’ fellow member of MFAA, one of the sponsors of the events and the only Asian background attendee, VCMM was invited to participate in MFAA "Looking ahead 2023" in Sydney and Melbourne stops.




  • 8-9 February 2023 - As a 10+ years’ fellow member of MFAA, one of the sponsors of the events and the only Asian background attendee, VCMM was invited to participate in MFAA "Looking ahead 2023" in Adelaide and Perth Stops.




 2023 VCMM Annual Christmas Party

As the festive season unfolds, VCMM reflects with gratitude on the past and eagerly anticipates a bright future. To celebrate, on 8 December 2023, we hosted a memorable Christmas and New Year gratitude event at the VCMM Sydney headquarters. Filled with warmth and joy, the event created cherished memories for 2023, while also marking a delightful conclusion to the year.

The event took place in the elegantly adorned meeting room at VCMM's Sydney headquarters. VCMM Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Jeff Lee, began by reflecting on the company's achievements and challenges in the past year. The celebration continued with various activities, including the reading of Christmas thank-you cards, the presentation of annual outstanding employee awards, a Secret Santa gift exchange, and an array of entertaining games. These activities added vibrancy to the Christmas festivities.

VCMM Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Jeff Lee delivering a speech.

Reading Christmas Thank-You Cards

Each VCMM colleague had prepared special Christmas cards that expressed heartfelt gratitude and warm Christmas wishes to their fellow colleagues. These cards served to express appreciation for the support received throughout the year. As colleagues read these cards aloud, memories of the past year were relived, and the bonds of teamwork were strengthened.

Every member of the VCMM team immersed in heartfelt readings of Christmas thank-you cards.

Awards Ceremony & Speech by Winners

The Annual Outstanding Employee Awards recognized colleagues who had made exceptional contributions to the company's success in the past year. Beyond the presentation of trophies, this moment symbolized collective success and achievement. Applause and cheers filled the room as colleagues celebrated the award recipients, motivating everyone to continue striving for excellence and eagerly anticipate the future.

2023 BDM of the Year Award

Presented to Jeremy Wang

2023 Excellence Award

Presented to Lavender Zhou

2023 Best Team Collaboration Award

Presented to Cindy Wang

2023 Most Creative Employee Award

Presented to Sabrina Song

2023 Special Contribution Award

Presented to Sophie Wang


2023 Behind-the-Scenes Hero Award

Presented to Kay Deng

2023 Secret Santa Christmas Gift Exchange


In keeping with tradition, each VCMM colleague thoughtfully prepared a mysterious Christmas gift, resulting in a heartwarming Secret Santa gift exchange activity. Gifts were exchanged randomly, adding a touch of magic to the holiday season.


Every colleague of the VCMM team took part in the Christmas gift exchange event.


Gaming Session


The lively and vibrant game activities added an element of enjoyment to the Christmas party, enhancing the festive ambiance even further. These games encompassed activities like "Pass the Seven," "Seven Grab," "Bomb Game," "007 Pia," "Three Words," and " With You Without Me," infusing extra joy into this Christmas celebration.


To spark our colleagues' enthusiasm, we established a prize system consisting of 5 third-place prizes, 2 second-place prizes, and 1 first-place prize. These prizes featured carefully chosen exquisite gifts and generous cash rewards. During the spirited and competitive games, our colleagues actively participated, contributing numerous thrilling moments that elevated the overall party atmosphere, making it more relaxed and enjoyable.


One colleague not only secured the second-place prize but also triumphantly claimed the first-place prize, rightfully earning the title of "Game King" and emerging as the top winner in this segment!

First prize game winner

Second prize game winners

Third prize game winners

After a series of vibrant and exciting activities, VCMM's Christmas party wrapped up seamlessly, leaving each colleague uplifted and content in the festive atmosphere. This event not only acknowledged and praised the dedicated efforts of everyone over the past year but also fostered greater unity within the company. Now, everyone is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Christmas holiday and is ready to tackle the challenges of the new year with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

Group photograph of VCMM‘s colleagues



VCMM's Christmas Feast

As an expression of gratitude for the exceptional contributions of each colleague over the past year, the company organized an opulent Christmas feast. All colleagues congregated at Sokyo, an upscale Japanese cuisine restaurant, to indulge in a lavish and refined Japanese culinary extravaganza.



Carefully curated gourmet dishes were thoughtfully paired with fine wines. From Pacific Oysters, Maguro Yukke, Tuna Sashimi, Kingfish, Whiting Tempura, Tiger Prawn, Flank Steak, Caramel Macchiato, Chocolate Mousse, and other delectable and exquisite offerings, this feast delighted the senses and provided a visual and culinary delight for every VC colleague.