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The 26th Australia Property Expo - SEQ (Brisbane)

The 26th Australia Property Expo was successfully held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre last weekend!

Event venue

Vast Capital Mortgage Management (VCMM), being a main sponsor of the Expo again, had the pleasure of providing face-to-face advice on the mortgage-related issues to our Brisbane friends.

Event Description

The Australian Property Show is held annually in several of Australia's largest state capitals. Since 2011, 20+ expos have been held, attracting 1,200+ exhibitors and 120,000+ buyers. More than $4 billion worth of properties have been sold on spot at the Expos!

The SEQ (Brisbane) Property Expo held this August is already the 26th Australia Property Expo. It featured more than 100 exhibitors from a wide range of sectors, including Property Developers, Banks, Mortgage Brokers, Conveyancing Law Firms, Property Management Services, Management Right Specialist, Builders, building & renovation and home related products companies, etc. More than 30 seminars and free investment talks were held during the Expo.

Crowds queuing at the entrance of the Expo

Event Review

VCMM's stand was located at Stand M3 directly opposite the main entrance to the Expo and many customers were attracted to it as soon as they entered. Our experienced team members served every customer who came to us with great passion and patience.

Patient and professional VCMM Sales Team

VCMM was invited by the Expo Organiser to deliver two seminars on "Insight into Non-bank Lending" (English) and "The Rise and Future of Non-bank Financial Products" (Chinese) on each day of the Expo, respectively.

The first day’s seminar provided a detailed overview of non-bank lending, the advantages of non-bank lending, and other information about non-bank lending. Compared to banks, non-bank loans can offer a more diverse range of loan options with more flexible criteria.

Seminar - Insight into Non-bank Lending (English)

The second day’s seminar showed the rapid growth of non-bank lending institutions in recent years with real data, and analyzed the housing demand and financing needs of the main types of Chinese property buyers such as international students, experienced investors, temporary visa buyers, new immigrants, and retirement age buyers, to illustrate the advantages of non-bank loan products for each type of property buyer, and to look forward to the development prospect of non-bank lending.

Seminar - The Rise and Future of Non-bank Financial Products (Chinese)

The two fascinating seminars provided the audience with not only more knowledge about mortgages, but also the loan options available to them in the current tightening credit market.

The audience showed interest in non-bank loans after seminars. Many people enthusiastically asked questions about loan products and the application process.

It is worth mentioning that we made quite a few new friends at the Expo, including local brokerage and property companies in Brisbane. VCMM welcomes the opportunity to build relationships with professionals from all related industries.

VCMM Team Members at the Expo

VCMM Management Team

VCMM Sales Team

Jeff, Founder of VCMM, with the Representative of the Expo Organiser

Last weekend's Expo was a great opportunity for VCMM to showcase our presence in Brisbane. With our attentive service and strong professionalism, VCMM was well received by guests and industry professionals alike.

Neither VCMM nor Australian Property Expo will stop here.

27th Australian Property Expo - Sydney

12 – 13 Nov 2022

@ICC Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall

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