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The 2023 Miss Chinese-Australian Pageant Sydney Regional Finals kicked off with a sensational impact

The 2023 Miss Chinese-Australian Sydney Region Grand Finals, exclusively sponsored by Vast Capital Mortgage Management (VCMM), was held on the 6th of August at Zilver Bondi. This year's lineup of sponsors was impressive, with numerous business leaders attending the event to cheer and support the contestants. This competition is not only a contest for the Miss Chinese-Australian title, but also a significant business and social gathering.

Speech given by Mr. Jeff Lee, Managing Director and Founder of VCMM

Mr. Jeff Lee also served as one of the judges for the Sydney Region Finals

The twelve finalists who made it to the Sydney Region Finals underwent tremendous growth and transformation throughout the months leading up to the night. During the night, these twelve contestants exuded positive energy, especially having to face over ten cameras, they remained calm and confident, showcasing their beauty and talent. The Miss Chinese-Australian Pageant is not just any ordinary stage, but an important platform that helps contemporary young women realize their self-worth and growth.

After a lively opening dance segment, the contestants changed into swimsuits for the runway.

Then, followed by a Q&A session, these twelve contestants answered questions with coherency and intelligence, exuding the dazzling brilliance of Eastern women.

Moreover, these twelve contestants exhibit a diverse range of talents, excelling in various areas of interest.

Onstage, we witnessed not only adept performers of traditional Chinese instruments like the Guzheng and Erhu but also captivating dances and recitations.

The contestants garnered acclaim from both sponsors and the audience.

Contestant number two, Yourou Li's solo dance and singing performance ('The Old Man and the Sea') deeply moved the judges and audiences.

After three intense and exciting rounds, the evening reached its first climax with the presentation of three awards: 'Most Graceful Award,' 'Most Popular Award,' and 'Miss Intelligence Award’.

The ‘Most Popular Award’ went to

Contestant Number 11 – Sihua Wang

The ‘Most Graceful Award’ & the ‘VCMM Miss Intelligence Award’ went to

Contestant Number 1 – Jiaqi Wang

VCMM's Managing Director and Founder, Mr. Jeff Lee, presented the ‘VCMM Miss Intelligence Award’ to Jiaqi Wang

Subsequently, the event transitioned into an even more intense and exhilarating phase—the unveiling of the top five contestants who successfully advanced to the final round.

Contestant Number 1 – Jiaqi Wang

Contestant Number 2 – Yourou Li

Contestant Number 7 – Huiying Peng

Contestant Number 8 – Yifei Li

Contestant Number 9 – Yilin Chen

The final five contestants faced the ultimate challenge of impromptu responses. Each participant demonstrated their intellect, delivering poised and appropriate answers that earned them enthusiastic applauses from the audience!

The Results of the 2023 Miss Chinese-Australian Pageant Sydney Region Finals Night are Unveiled!

VCMM's Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Jeff Lee, announced the winner:

First Place goes to Contestant Number 2 – Yourou Li.

Her exceptional performance and joyful personality made her a favorite among everyone.

Second Place: Contestant Number 7 – Huiying Peng

She brought Xinjiang dance to the stage, allowing the audience to experience the collision of cultures.

Third Place: Contestant Number 8 – Yifei Li

Through her rendition of the Erhu piece "Horse Racing," she skillfully guided everyone on a captivating journey into the realm of Chinese tradition.

The title sponsor VCMM's Managing Director and Founder, Mr. Jeff Lee, along with the champion, runner-up, and third-place winners.

The title sponsor VCMM's Managing Director and Founder, Mr. Jeff Lee, Chief Credit Officer Mr. Peter Lee, along with the contestants.

Let's extend our hearty congratulations to the contestants for their dedicated efforts and exceptional performances. We eagerly anticipate witnessing their splendid displays in the upcoming nationwide Grand Finals, as they continue to reach new heights on their remarkable journey!

As the exclusive title sponsor of this event, Vast Capital is not only dedicated to advancing within the mortgage industry but also places significant emphasis on the brand's social responsibility, contribution, and influence in the wider community.

In the future, the company will continue its commitment to providing high-quality home loans and financial services to the broader Chinese community, working together to create a better future for all!


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