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2022 HKABA Victoria Business Awards

On the 8th of this month, the Hong Kong-Australia Business Association (HKABA) 2022 Victoria Business Awards was held at the Palladium at Crown in Melbourne.

Vast Capital Mortgage Management (VCMM) was invited to attend the event as a representative of outstanding companies and had a wonderful evening with elites from different industries across Australia.

Victoria Business Awards attracted a wide range of high profile companies across a wide range of sectors including trade, finance, e-commerce, tourism, education and environmental protection.

Violin performance Event venue Speech by Mr. Keith Lam (HKABA

Director of Victoria Chapter)

Although VCMM is an leading Mortgage Manager with presence in the Australia mortgage market for nearly 10 years, it had been strategically focusing its business operations in New South Wales in the past years to lay a solid foundation for steady and long-term growth and only started to expand its proportion of business in other states such as Victoria since late last year. The fact that it has made it to the finalist of the Excellence in bilateral trade with Hong Kong SAR/China Finalist award for the first time in Victoria demonstrates VCMM's brand recognition and irresistible growth.

VCMM founder Jeff Lee and COO Tina Liu at the event

Keith Lam

VCMM Management Team with representatives from various sectors

We sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence you have put in VCMM. Our ongoing success relies on the loyalty and support of customers and business partners. We will continue to step up our efforts in providing the best services to you.

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