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2022 Christmas & New Year Party

By November 2022, VCMM’s 11 months’ total loan settlement amount has almost doubled compared to the same period last year.

Major Events & Milestones in 2022

  • December 2022 - 27th Australian Property Expo – Sydney

  • December 2022 - VCMM was invited to the Midtown Open Day held by Frasers Property as the only financial institution

  • October 2022 - Grand Opening of VCMM’s Adelaide Branch

  • September 2022 - VCMM had become a MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) member for over 10 years

  • August 2022 - 26th Australian Property Expo – SEQ(Brisbane)

  • July 2022 - HKABA Victoria Business Awards annual ceremony

  • June 2022 - 25th Australian Property Expo – Sydney

As Christmas and New Year are approaching, VCMM held a Christmas & New Year Thanksgiving Party on 9th December 2022 in VCMM’s Sydney Head Office with gratitude for the past and a good wish for future prosperous.

Annual Thanksgiving Event

Each staff at VCMM Head Office carefully prepared a thank you card to express gratitude to the colleague(s) from whom he/she received help at work in the past year.

In the process of reading the cards to each other, the memories of everyone's joint efforts in the past year flashed in our minds, and the cohesion of the team was further improved.

Secret Santa

Everyone at VCMM Head Office was a secret Santa with a mysterious gift prepared and brought to the office. Each of them randomly drew a gift one by one according to the sequence number drawn.

Christmas Feast

To thank every employee's dedication in the past year, the company invited all staff to have a sumptuous Christmas dinner.

Lobster sashimi, starfish sashimi, wagyu beef, each fine food reflects the company's love for employees. Everyone had a pleasant and unforgettable night.

VCMM would like to thank the business partners who have worked side by side in the past year and thank every new and old customer who trusts and supports VCMM.

Grasping the present and looking forward to the future. In 2023, VCMM aims to further boost settlement volume, keep providing consumers with safe and reliable mortgage loan services, and improve brand awareness and recognition.

Building a relationship of trust with you is our top priority. It is always a joy for us to be able to provide you with satisfactory services. We are devoted to developing enduring relationships with all of you!

May this wonderful time of Christmas and New Year fill your life with happiness and wealth! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Best regards,

Vast Capital Mortgage Management

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