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The 2023 Vast Capital Stars Academy Australia Audition Sydney Division is now open for registration

The 2023 Stars Academy 3 Australia Audition Sydney Division, exclusively sponsored by Vast Capital, is now open for registration.

As a veteran mortgage management company, Vast Capital has always been committed to supporting innovation and creativity.

We are proud to announce our title sponsorship of the 2023 Stars Academy 3 Sydney Division, a competition that celebrates the power of music and provides a platform for emerging Chinese artists in Australia to realize their musical dreams.

Co-organized by TV Media Australia and TVB Hong Kong, the competition seeks the best Chinese voices across Australia, with the strongest singer representing Australia at the 2023 "Stars Academy 3" recording in Hong Kong.

2022 Australian champion Jiali Sun (Lorraine) and runner-up Qinxin Jiang (Gina) went to Hong Kong to perform and record the program with the graduates of "Stars Academy 2".

The 2023 Vast Capital Stars Academy 3 Sydney competition is hosted by Dynasty Karaoke and co-organized by ACAE, with support from TVB Anywhere and TV Media Australia. The competition is exclusively sponsored by Vast Capital Mortgage Management (VCMM) and is now accepting registrations.

>>> Competition Details <<<

Preliminary Round of the Sydney Division

  • Date: Saturday, 13th May 2023

  • Location: Dynasty Karaoke, Level 1, 63 Dixon Street Haymarket NSW 2000

  • Rules: The competition follows a knockout format, where each participant will perform one song in any language, and their performance will be evaluated by a panel of five star judges. The top 12-16 players who successfully advance will qualify for the finals.

Popularity King Election

  • Voting portal: eBest APP (15th – 25th of May 2023)

  • The Popularity King will be awarded an additional 10 points in the finals and receive the "eBest Popularity King" award.

Sydney Division Finals

  • Date: 28th May 2023

  • Location: Zilver Bondi, Shop 6010, Level 6, Westfield Bondi Junction, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction New South Wales 2022

  • Rules: The 3-8 players who successfully advance will participate in the national finals, competing against players from other regions for a chance to participate in the blind audition of Stars Academy 3 in Hong Kong.

Registration Details

  • Registration Fee: AUD $20

  • Age range: 18-30

  • Nationality: Open to all Chinese individuals, regardless of country of origin

  • Competition format: Solo performance

  • Registration deadline: 10th May 2023, 6 PM

  • Event webpage:

>>> Star Judges <<<

From left to right: Celia Liang, Miaotian Cai, and Garen Zhou.

Celia Liang

A singer-songwriter whose representative works include the theme songs for the film and television dramas "Heavy (沉重)", "Visiting Yingtai (访英台)", "I Am Leaving", and more. She achieved third place in the fifth season of Taiwan CTV's "One Million Star" and second place globally in TVB's "International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship."

Miaotian Cai

A former renowned Chinese pop singer in the academy style, and currently serves as a rehearsal instructor for the Singer program in Sydney.

Garen Zhou

Global runner-up in the "International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship"


All nationalities are welcome to participate,

as long as you are over 18 years old,

have a unique voice,

and aspire to become a top singer,

you can sign up!

♫. ♪~♬..♩

Access the registration form through the APP download link.


Disclaimer: The images and content in this post are sourced from the official WeChat account of ACAE, and the copyright belongs to the event organizer. VCMM assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content.

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