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The first 2 stops of MFAA “Looking ahead 2023” were successfully held in Adelaide and Perth

On 8th February 2023, the “Looking ahead 2023” series events organised by MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) officially commenced as scheduled in Adelaide, which is the first of the six stops.

MFAA "Looking ahead 2023" Attendees and Sponsors

As a 10+ years’ fellow member of MFAA, one of the sponsors of the events and the only Asian background attendee, VCMM was invited to participate in this series events.

VCMM has attended two of the series events in Adelaide and Perth on 8th and 9th of this February, respectively.

MFAA "Looking ahead 2023" VCMM stand

Event Highlights - Adelaide and Perth Stops

» Adelaide Stop

Welcome speech by Wendy Robertson, MFAA State Manager SA/NT

An industry update and areas of focus and support for the MFAA in 2023 by Anja Pannek, MFAA CEO

Broker panel discussion of the fixed rate wave in 2023

» Perth Stop

Welcome speech by Natalie Price, MFAA State Manager WA

"Understanding and engaging with the future Australian consumer" by Grant Dusting of McCrindle, a leading research services company

MFAA contributes to a healthy, competitive mortgage and finance industry through advocacy, education, and business-building support.

The two summits discussed in depth the current circumstance, trends, and prospects of the Australian mortgage industry, benefiting many lenders and financial peers.

2023 is the 10th year of VCMM continuous development in the mortgage field. As a long-term fellow member of MFAA, VCMM has been providing professional, safe, and reliable mortgage loan services to borrowers.

In the future, VCMM will continue to work together with the MFAA, abide by relevant laws and regulations, live up to the trust of all business partners and consumers, and provide safer and more reliable loan products, as well as better loan services.

Let us look forward to the remaining 4 events:

Mortgage and finance brokers are welcomed to come together with us as we look forward to the year ahead and how you can best prepare to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We will wait you at the VCMM stand to discuss or answer mortgage-related issues/questions with you.

For more event information, please visit MFAA offical website.

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