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Congratulations to VCMM for Being a Member of the MFAA for over 10 years!

On 1st September, VCMM (Vast Capital Mortgage Management) was honored to be awarded the 10-year membership certificate from the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia). The certificate demonstrates VCMM's contribution to the development of the industry as a member of the MFAA, one of the most authoritative finance and mortgage industrial associations in Australia, for more than ten years.

MFAA's Industry Position

The MFAA is a peak national body for professional mortgage and finance brokers, mortgage managers, and aggregators. Established in 1980, the MFAA represents over 14,000 members and contributes to a healthy, competitive mortgage and finance industry through advocacy, education, and business-building support.

VCMM and MFAA's Story

In August 2010, Jeff Lee, the founder of VC, became the MFAA certified financial broker and fought his way through the industry as a mortgage broker. In 2013, Jeff established Australian Select Mortgage (ASM), which became one of the best Chinese-background mortgage brokerage firms in the local market by 2015. In late 2016, ASM changed its name to VC Loan and strategically upgraded to become a mortgage manager, and in early 2020 changed its name to Vast Capital Mortgage Management to better reflect the role of mortgage manager. The MFAA's membership was then transferred to the company and upgraded to a mortgage management business membership.

Moreover, VCMM is one of the 11 initial members of the National Mortgage Managers Forum, which is a sub-committee of the MFAA aiming to make a "strong and clear voice” that clarifies the relevance and importance of the role of Mortgage Managers in the industry.

In the future, VCMM will continue to work together with the MFAA, abide by industry regulations and relevant laws and regulations, live up to the trust of all business partners and consumers, and provide safer and more reliable loan products, as well as better and easier loan services.

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